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Access Everything – Simple words, simple execution. The staff at INT work tirelessly to ensure all our clients are able to access the items they need and rest assured that the factory we have sourced from will provide a quality product in a minimum timeframe shipped to them in its original condition without delay. We take the risk out of sourcing in Central Asia, with a dedicated team that will guide the sourcing process on the ground from factory to your doorstep.


Top 8 reasons to use a trading company based in China

Sourcing from overseas can be a complicated affair at best and a nightmare at worst. The multitude of suppliers from factories all across the world means that quality can range from the good to the “I don’t know if touching it will give me a skin infection”. While price is always a factor for sound purchasing decisions, quality is usually the determining factor. Having to go through unproven factories one by one will take time and patience, something most procurement departments and event planners do not have the luxury of possessing.

1. Sifting out the time wasters

Going through a list of factories for a particular product can be a daunting task in itself, but then you realise each factory must be assessed based on capital investment, factory location, staff strength, quality control procedures, quality of machines, warehousing capabilities and delivery capabilities. Many factories will be able to satisfy the requirements of purchases in smaller quantities but when a big order comes in, they falter. Sifting out the time wasters takes hands on inspection of the factory grounds, something not many overseas buyers are willing or able to do.

2. Quality control

Sourcing through a trading company means being able to select the quality you want from the price range you can afford. Making the decision to purchase through a trading company means working with proven factories that produce items of a desired quality at a quantity only a trading company can procure at.

3. Economies of scale

Trading companies work with many procurement agencies, departments and individual companies, This means that at any one time, they will be working on multiple projects at once. This gives them bargaining power over factories that an individual just cannot have. This bargaining power not only extends to price but to sample, production and delivery time as well.

4. Security of payment

Most reliable trading companies will not take full payment upon an order being taken, while all factories will take payment as soon as the goods are produced and shipped out. This makes things very uncertain for purchasers overseas who have to take a gamble on the goods being delivered or even existing in the first place. A reliable trading company takes a deposit at order and full payment once delivery is made or arrived at the port of destination. This ensures that there is no “funny business” when it comes to transferring funds overseas.

5. One point of contact

Less experienced purchasers may overlook this one benefit but it is important to note that one type of item purchased involves a group of stakeholders including the factory, domestic shipping company, international shipping company, tax agents, customs agents and warehousing company. Coordinating this group to work together with individual timelines and priorities means that the procurement job ends up involving sales, human resource management, negotiation, logistics, project management and more coordination. A job that a trading company does anyway on a daily basis and with the staff strength to be able to perform all functions with efficiency.

6. Developing a relationship

Most event companies procure a range of different items that may come from a range of different factories, taking the time to develop a relationship with each individual factory can take time and effort that may or may not be fruitful. Working with one trading company for the range of items means that one relationship is developed and all items under that umbrella come within the scope of that relationship

7. Ease of use

Lets admit it, once you have got a relationship going, everyone can start to get a bit familiar with each other. Having that relationship means that your supplier knows what your expectations are and the timeline that you have to work within without you having to monitor the situation on a daily basis or explain why you need to make last minute changes to a logo design.

8. Problem solving

There are times in the production of an item that conditions are altered or quantities required change. Working with a factory means that pretty much, you have to pay for what you originally purchased at the set price. Working with a trading company that deals with the same range of products day in and day out means that they will probably be able to offload your excess quantity off to another buyer that requires a similar product albeit at a discounted price but its still better that having to pay full price for something you don’t need.


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