The different grades of Canvas bags and their applications

Canvas is a cotton or linen based material that is used primarily in applications where a durable sturdy material is required. Many nation’s armed forces use the material in their backpacks and shoes. Artists typically use the material for painting due to the ability of the material to absorb primers and be painted upon without distortion.

In the production of bas, canvas is commonly used to provide sturdiness. They are typically found in the production of postal bags, sailor bags, delivery bags or any other application where large loads are required to be packed. Canvas comes in a variety of grades ranging from light to heavy. The lightest grade used for bags would be the 4oz grade while the heaviest grade used will be the 20 oz grade.

6 oz applications

Used mostly for reusable grocery bags where the loads are not particularly heavy and the most important factor in production is cost control.

8-10 oz applications

Used in the production of Souvenir tote bags. They can typically handle the average daily load of wallet, water bottle, touch up makeup, mobile phone, tablet and any other daily necessities.

Souvenir tote bags
Souvenir tote bags,click for more information

12-14 oz applications

Used in the production of travel bags such as duffel and sailor bags where clothes can be stuffed into the bag without fear of tearing the canvas or overloading the bag. This grade of canvas can also withstand abuse from being thrown around or scraped against surfaces such as airport baggage collection belts and train baggage carts.

gym backpack
duffel and sailor bags,click for more information

16 oz-20 oz applications

This grade of canvas is reserved for heavy duty bags such as those used by the armed forces for their backpacks or duffel bags. This grade is also typically used for sandbags and hammocks.