What do people bring with them when they run a marathon?

There is a vast range of options to consider when deciding what to bring with you on a Marathon. Previous articles have covered the types of bags that people take with them for different distances; this article can be viewed here. This article will attempt to list a portion of the items observed on participants over years of marathon participation, some may be things you’re already bringing along while other may be items you had never thought about but may prove useful for your style of running.

    • Petroleum Jelly – To deal with the unavoidable chaffing that comes with longer distance running.
    • Nipple plasters – As with Petroleum Jelly but for more sensitive areas.
    • Mini water bottles – No one’s going to bring a big one on a long distance run.


Mini water bottles
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  • Bluetooth earphones – A welcome distraction for those who lack a vivid imagination that can last 42KM.
  • Wraparound MP3 player – With built in storage, this device eliminates the need to carry a mobile or separate MP3 player around with you.
  • Heart rate monitor – For the fitness aficionados  who want to keep track of their optimal performance.
  • Cap –For both shade and keeping the sweat out of the eyes.


sun runner cap
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  • Visor – Like the cap.
  • Sunglasses – It get glaring a few hours after the 6 am flagoff.
  • Compression wear – For those who train with it, you just cant seem to perform without it.
  • Race tag holder with waist pouch – Who else hates to have metal pins creating holes in your technologically advanced, moisture wicking, ultra- cooling, liquid silver injected race attire.
  • Flag/Banner – For team runners to stay together.
  • Mobile phone – For the music and if you stray too far off from the path.
  • Walkie Talkie – The no subscription alternative to mobile phones.
  • Headbands – Look cool and keep the sweat out of the eyes.
  • Neckbands – It can get cold during some runs.
  • Medicated Plasters – Keeping the muscles constantly warmed up has a psychological effect that they don’t really ache as much as they should after so many K’s.