Express Freight

Our partners in express freight ensure that all items picked up direct from our office or warehouse is brought straight to their freight handling centres in Shanghai and, depending on the type of express freight, is processed straight to the next flight out of Shanghai Airport. The items can then be tracked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere that has an internet connection.


Typical delivery times:

Singapore: 1 – 3 Days (depending on direct or transit)

Australia: 2.5 – 5 days

USA East: 1 – 5 Days

USA West: 1 – 5 Days


Air freight

The handpicked partners we use for airfreight possess an untarnished track record for ensuring the goods are securely brought over land to the closest airfield and onto one of many international carriers where it is shipped with great care to your doorstep. Tenders are frequently compared against performance reviews to ensure that all items provide value for money for all clients.


Typical delivery times:

Singapore: 3 – 5 Days

Australia: 5 days

USA East: 3 – 6 Days

USA West: 3 – 5 Days


Sea Freight

Our common practice for sea freight has always been to minimise time wastage. This can come in the form of waiting for the port authorities to open up for processing or even for the ship to load up on cargo. We manage this process by precisely calculating the timing of production completion and the very next ship that will leave the closest port. This then determines how we will move the goods over land and maximise the value of this low cost option.


Typical delivery times:

Singapore: 12 – 13 Days

Australia: 22 – 25 Days

USA East: 37 Days

USA West: 20 Days