Corporate message Cable Pod

Keep everything tidy with this cable pod. Built to last keeping all the cables you need in one convenient package. Fits into small spaces like handbags and pouches without getting tangled. Capable of data transfer and charging

Price : $5

Corporate message power bank

Feel The Power! anywhere and everywhere with the power bank that fits in your hands and is able to power up your mobile devices over and over

Price : $10

Corporate Thumb Drives

Ensure all your clients have the means to keep their information securely in their pocket with our professional grade Thumb Drives. Etched with your company logo for maximum exposure

Price : $18

Hard Drives

Keep your information safe with this all purpose information drive from our name brand partners

Price : $100

Corporate electronics package

Maintain your brand name in your client's minds with our customised electronics packages. Featuring a range of everyday useable items including but not limited to mobile chargers, selfie sticks, charging cables and mobile storage devices

Price : $50

10000 mah Power Bank

Charge up to 3 times your phone battery with this high capacity portable charger that fits any USB cable. Makes sure you will never be left with a flat battery again.

Price : $15

Multi Device portable charger

Keep all your devices charged up and ready to go with this portable charger that can charge up to three devices at a time

Price : $30

Anti Lost device

Have you ever been so frustrated that you lost your keys, mobile, wallet/ Here is the solution, this device connects to an app on your phone and it allows you to remotely locate your item when strapped onto it through GPS technology. With a remote beeping, you can be sure of never losing your items again.

Price : $50

Professional earbuds

These earbuds will make sure that the sweet sweet playlist you use for all of life's soundtracks is brought clearly into your ear canal in the most stylish way possible.

Price : $18

Pen Recorder

Feel like a secret agent with this pen recorder that records all conversations within reach of its tiny microphone embedded in the top f the pen

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