Solar powered portable charger

Save the earth with this eco friendly solar powered portable charger. Harness the power of the sun to run your electronic devices. Particularly useful when you don't have access to power points for long periods of time.

Price : $30

Mini textured portable charger

These cute textured portable chargers brings the child out in all of us. Its small, compact design ensures t fits nicely in the smallest of handbags and tucks away nicely while charging that mobile.

Price : $20

Phone USB Adaptor

Connect your phone to your computer using this data adaptor that enables seamless transfer of data from computer to phone and vice versa.

Price : $10

USB powered mini fan

Keep it cool anywhere you have a USB port with this mini fan that runs off a USB connection. Put it on your notebook computer or portable charger and it will keep spinning along until the temperature is just right.

Price : $5

zip earphones

Tired of tangled cords when you want to pull out your earphones? Then zip them right up and do away with tangles. If only we could zip up long hair.

Price : $10

Wireless mobile speakers

Keep things rocking with this portable wireless speakers that run off an internal battery and have a vacuum bass tube for surprisingly strong bass from such a little device.

Price : $25

High capacity portable charger

Charge up to 3 times your phone battery with this high capacity portable charger that fits any USB cable. With ports for both phones and tablets, you will never be left with a flat battery again.

Price : $20

SD Card USB Storage for portable devices

Store all your photos on this SD card enabled mobile storage device that can connect to your mobile phone for easy transfer of data to any computer. Never get up sold by phone companies again.

Price : $10

Earphones with remote speaker

Stay connected with the range of earphones that come with speaker and remote function. Android and iOS enabled so that you don't have to laboriously take your phone out of your pocket just to answer a call or switch a song.

Price : $25

Earbuds with neon cable

The striking colours of these earphones will make sure that you always stand out of the crowd whether on the train or at a boring family reunion. Keep them thinking you're cooler than you actually are.

Price : $20
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