Event Merchandise

Laundry Bag, in Drawstring, Pouch, Shoulder Strap Style

1.High quality; Attractive price; Timely delivery; Best service.  2.Draw string bag & pocket  is our main product, can show your brand, logo, company, shop well.

Non-woven material Event Bags

These huge event bags can be customised with any image imaginable and are a great centrepiece of any event giveaway. Made of a material that is lightweight and packs flat.

LED Wristband

Ever wondered if you might lose your wrist at night? Well worry no more with these LED wristbands. Designed to light up with movement, sound or just a simple switch, the wristbands will make any party a light show when all participants have one of these on their hands.

Price : $5

Tutu skirts

Bring out the youth in you with these fun tut skirts that liven up any event. Perfect for fun runs, children's events and parties. Or just to look like a ballerina for that one special moment.

Price : $4

Party lenses with or without LED

Protective lenses for a range of events where participants eyes need to be protected. These could range from paint splash events to powder throwing events. Or even fireworks and light shows which feature bright lights. Available with a range of LEDs for night events.

Price : $6

High socks

Make a statement with these bold high socks that can be customised with any branding. Perfect for chilly outdoor events or pretty much anywhere with a tendency for exposed lower limbs

Price : $3

Finger lights

Straps onto any finger of your choice and emits a small light from its in built LED to create the illusion that your hands light up. Perfect for concerts or other night events

Price : $3


Flat rimmed cap with customised bill and adjustable headstrap

Price : $7

Travel bags

Travel bags for segregating soiled items or separating categories of items

Price : $3

Luggage organiser

Organising items in a large check in bag can be tedious but not with a god system of luggage organisers, this helps to keep things neat and tidy

Price : $4
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